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Work Methodology Explained

Work Methodology ↓

1. Survey and Site Assessment:
Our Technical team will conduct survey of the given sites for the commencement of works and for the leveling, establishment of bench marks so that the area is cleaned and grubbed.

2. Prepare Bill of Quantity and cost Estimation:
After technical study of the ZACC and ...


Excavation ↓

The following aspects shall be given to the excavation during the construction of the faculties. All the Safety and Quality related items are at the top of the ZACC’s work list.

• The excavation shall be done along the profile with width and depth as per drawing.
• The bottom level ...


Grading ↓

The grading shall be done after the excavation of foundation: The sub-grade shall be of compacted soil 95 % or as per SOW or specifications of the project.


Placing of Concrete ↓

Placing of Concrete:
It will also be as per the specifications of the project and as stated in SOW.

Ingredients of concrete:
The concrete is composed of coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, cement and water. Cement acts as binding material. A rock chip is used as coarse aggregates whereas sand is used ...


Quality Control of Concrete ↓

Concrete is produced from cement, coarse aggregates, fine aggregates and water. As a result, quality of concrete will depend on many factors. A few are:

• Properties of the ingredients.
• Proportion of ingredients.
• Water Cement Ratio.
• Mixing, carrying, placing, compacting, curing etc.

After producing fresh concrete slump test should ...


Reinforcing Rod - Rein Forcemeat ↓

The concrete can resist compression, but not tension. For this reason reinforcing rods are provided in the concrete to sustain tension that develops in concrete. The reinforcing material is high strength steel wire, mild steel, high strength plastic fiber etc. the following shall consider while checking reinforcement:

• Appropriate diameter of ...


Form Work ↓

Form work is a sort of dice for reinforced concrete. It gives the shape of concrete. Any tilting of formwork creates tilting of concrete. Formwork is done by using wooden plank or steel sheet. Formwork is designed considering the weight of wet reinforced concrete. A bamboo post generally bears 100 ...


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1. Local knowledge and leadership
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