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1. Expansion of Kunduz 2/209th Garrison. In Kunduz Province for the USACE North started in August 2011 and will be completed in Sept 2012.

2. Construction of New Detention Center in Kabul Province for INL US Embassy Dept. of state under Contract No. SGE500-12-C-0015.

3. Renovation of Building No. 19 Law Dept. of MoWA for the US Embassy in Kabul started in Nov 2011. This was under the contract No. SAF-200-11-M-3349.
4. ZACC has well performed some projects for US army as a subcontractor for International Companies like ECCI Al-Saraf. In the southern province of Afghanistan (Helmand) in camp Shorabak, camp Bastion, and camp Leatherneck under the contract No. W5K9FH-10-C-0119, 0116.W5K9FH-10-C-0078,0079,0080,0081. Which the projects included works of water service system, manhole systems of water, electrical, and sewerage in camp Shorabak which a new camp has been built for Afghan Commando Forces. ZACC was involved in different fields like earth work, concrete work, building of K-Spans and doing the electrical of interior and exterior of the buildings from zero to completion of the projects.

5. In camp Leatherneck as a subcontractor ZACC has performed very high for US Army in doing works for building new maintenance workshop for US Marines based in camp leatherneck of Helmand province.

6. Before that ZACC informally has completed some projects like building Schools, Government buildings, and some other buildings for Afghan Army.

Heavy Equipment

» Loader
» Crane
» Wheel & Chain Excavator
» Grader
» Wheel Compactor
» Dump Truck
» Wheel Water Tank

Construction Equipment

» Concrete Mixer
» Lift
» Generator
» Water Pump
» Shuttering 
» Vibrator
» Compressor
» Level
» Wheel barrow

Why choose us?

1. Local knowledge and leadership
2. Established local networks
3. Diverse expertise
4. Commitment to our goal & objectives
5. Has and can work in remote areas of Afghanistan

What we do?

1. Construction services
2. Sophisticated and robust ground support
3. Manage projects conception to completion

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